I'm a freelance writer currently based in St. Augustine, Fla.

Born on the Gulf Coast of Florida, I was raised on the water and I love boating of any kind.

Though I maintain a strong bond with the Gulf of Mexico, I've always been very much drawn to the Atlantic Ocean, and I enjoy living on the East Coast. I have a 34' Bristol sloop which I hope to sail across the Atlantic some day.

Florida has been my home for most of my life, but I have also lived in Los Angeles and Boston.

My college years were spent in Gainesville, where I attended The University of Florida, studying journalism, creative writing and political science.

After college, I wrote for The Gainesville Sun newspaper for about five years. I currently write news and features for The St. Augustine Record and several other publications.

I'm an avid follower of college football and a diehard Gator.

I am drawn to creative people who do things their own way. Writing and history are two of my biggest interests, and I also love music. I play guitar and sing, and have written dozens of songs over the years. At one time, I entertained the notion of making a living with music.

In addition to my journalistic writing, I'm working on a novel set in St. Augustine, Fla. I also have two screenplays in various stages of completion.

Douglas Jordan

Phone: 904.562.9769 | Email: douglas@douglasjordan.com

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